From Terranova to Rio

For centuries, the marine world has shaped life in the Basque Country to the point that the work-leisure divide has often been difficult to decipher.

The origins of rowing-boat regattas, one of the most popular sports in the Basque Country, lie in the world of fishing when whale hunters and port pilots would row with all their might. For some, the race consisted of being the first to get to the whale and win the right to hunt it, whilst for others the race consisted of getting to the boat they needed to guide into port. They made a virtue of necessity.

Castro has evolved in very much the same way: the company quickly evolved from designing and manufacturing products for fishing vessels to the sailing and sporting world. The buoys and floats that had been put to the test in the highly demanding world of industry were duly made to suit pleasure sailing and even featured in sporting competitions at the recent Rio Olympics in 2016.